Fog computing technology in Baicells MEC solution utilizes computing, storage and networking capabilities at the network edge. All resources are jointly and dynamically allocated to provide better services.

Baicells MEC solution

The MEC solution provides a virtualized platform with open APIs. Any third party, such as vertical industries, could deploy their own applications on the MEC platform. The platform could be installed close to edge even within RAN, which provides lower latency and higher bandwidth.


Better immerse experience

Meets the low latency and high throughput requirements for smooth experience of AR and VR

Intelligent Traffic Tunnel

The platform provides operators with opportunities to collect, analyze, and process data at the network edge with AI or ML technologies

Add-on service and income

Based on the better experience and intelligent tunnel, operators could provide a platform for third parties, support add-on services, and obtain service income.


  • Better immerse experience
  • Intelligent Traffic Tunnel
  • Add-on service and income

Customer Case

Baicells cooperated with Intel, China Unicom to work out a solution for 360-degree live video services in sports stadium environments. Baicells equipped a drone with Intel® Atom™ C2000 enabling processing of 360-degree HD video at the mobile edge and the Intel® Transcede™ T2K SoC supporting the LTE small cell transmission of VR/video content to audiences located within the stadium. In this case, latency is largely reduced, thus significantly improving video for the online-watching experience.