Virtualization technology decouples the software and hardware in RAN Architecture. All 4G/5G protocol stacks are virtualized into different components which could be deployed on top of general purpose hardware (x86 or ARM).

Baicells OpenRAN solution

The OpenRAN solution provides a flexible and programmable composition of all components with an open interface and full optimization for both 4G and 5G RAN architecture.

● Baicells provides GPP hardware platform for both BBU and RRU, which can support different power and frequency bands. 

● The open interface can be adaptively modified, according to different protocols splitting options and existing backhaul where fiber or Ethernet port is supported.



The interfaces among different components are standardized and open to third parties. Operators can easily expand, relocate, or reuse different components from different vendors and provide flexible networks according to customers’ requirements.


All software functions are decoupled from the hardware. Operators can easily adapt to future changes or upgrade any additions and expansions, allowing for a new feature or application to be developed and deployed quickly.


Both CAPEX and OPEX can be largely reduced by multi-vendor eco-system and virtualization technologies.


  • Flexibility
  • Future-Proof
  • Cost-efficient

Customer Case

In October 2017, in SKT’s TIP Community Lab (Korea), Baicells finished the TIP SI (Solution Integration) phase 2. An end-to-end LTE+EPC solution running on open platform (x86 based) is successfully tested with commercial UEs.

Starting from October 2016, the unbundled 4G solution aims to develop a multi-vendor solution for LTE and LTE Beyond Radio Access. To enable the unbundled 4G, virtualization and open APIs are developed for SW/HW decoupling and VNFs (from L1 to EPC/IMS), respectively.

From a RAN architecture point of view, the higher layer of Central Unit (CU) and Distributed Unit (DU) function split (i.e. Option2 PDCP/RLC) have been realized and will be anchor link in Non-Standalone-Access(NSA). In the 2018, the 5G NR part will be added to complete the unbundled 5G. Additionally, Baicells has cooperated with Vodafone, TIM, and Airtel on Open RAN projects.