Site power supply has always been an issue for base station deployment project. For rural and urban scenarios, there both exist different difficulties:

For Rural Areas

●     Far away from grid facility, hard to get power resource
●     Highly relying on Diesel Generator, resulting in several problems
-      High expense on fossil fuel;
-      Air pollution;
-      Security issues: stealing fuel happened in remote areas
●     High labor cost: it is expensive for an engineer getting to the sites.

For Urban Areas

●     City electricity supply is not stable in most of developing countries.
-      For example, in Pakistan, enterprises suffered from power failure 75 times in one month.
●     Limited space for power supply equipment
●     Security concerns: requirement on video surveillance, remote management system

Solution Values

EpoleBox with lamp pole eNB

●     MPPT technology makes solar energy utilization efficiency up to 99.8%;
●     Solar energy-electricity automatically switchover;
●     Lithium energy storage, 5 years life;
●     12 V power supply reduce conversion loss directly;
●     IP66 waterproof design;
●     Operation temperature: -30℃ to +55℃.