Single Carrier

Dual Carriers


The Baicells Spectra is outdoor LTE FDD base station that works on unlicensed band of 5.8GHz. Since it works in standalone mode, it doesn’t require any licensed band to build a network.

Free Spectrum Open to everyone

In most of countries, 5.8GHz is free spectrum and Open to everyone. 5.8GHz band is undoubtedly the ideal choice for Operators who has no more Licensed Bands. Even for who has more Licensed Bands, 5.8GHz is also a means to improve capacity.

Advantages from LTE

Higher Active User Qty. provide more availability; 30dB higher Sensitivity than WI-FI make it possible to Coverage widely; Carrier Grade Handover brings a Seamless Network; Carrier Grade Stability and Reliability Protect your Service


Compact design, suitable for private and public deployments

Plug-and-Play with SON capabili-ties

Excellent Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) coverage performance

Efficient remote configuring, monitoring, and maintaining operations with Baicells network management system (NMS) BaiOMC

Surprising data rate: 150Mbps@ Downlink, 50Mbps@Uplink

Smooth evolution to C-RAN architecture