Baicells NB-IoT base station is a cellular-based, narrow-band IoT technology, with wide coverage, high capacity, decreased terminal power consumption, and a low cost. The small cell station can be accessed with massive terminals at high capacity and low power consumption, making it an applicable solution in narrow-band IOT scenarios.
Baicells NB-IoT small cell station is compact, convenient, and easy to install on a pole, wall, or ceiling. It supports PoE and long distance power supply with low power consumption. It also supports wireless backhaul through cellular networks including LTE/WCDMA/CDMA2000/GSM, thus the location selection of the station becomes more flexible without being constrained by wired backhaul.

Application Scenarios

NB-IoT geomagnetic terminal can increase the utilization rate of parking space and the income of parking lot. It can help the owner of the car find the parking space quickly. The NB-IoT geomagnetic terminal can induce the Status of parking space and send the Status information to the back-stage server through the NB-IoT network. The owner can install APP on its own mobile phone and access the back-stage server through APP. The owner can check the status of the parking space and find the parking space quickly.


Built-in DHCP Server, DNS Client and NAT functionality, provide a strong high speed routing ability.

Rich security services to provide timely protection against potential security risks and illegal intrusion.

Integration as required, easy to installation and deployment, to realize accurate cover and improve the capacity of network.

Have high sensitivity and support high path loss and wide coverage.

Support 2,000 connections.