UE Relay SmallCell

One of the biggest challenge of MNO is the deep indoor coverage.

Traditional soluitons like DAS (Distributed Antenna System) or macro eNB is very costly and difficult to deploy, since it is more and more challenging to acquire site infrastructure of get permission from land owner.

SmallCell has been a hot topic in addressing this challenge, which is very economical and flexible to deploy thanks to its tiny size and adaptability to any kind of IP backhaul.

However, in some cases it is still challenging to get backhaul for SmallCell as freely as wanted. This still put some limitation on the coverage/capacity improvement with SmallCells.

Baicells UE-Relay SmallCell is a very convenient solution to enable the SmallCell with a Drop and Play style, providing backhaul to SmallCell the wireless connection from the macro layer network.

The UE-Relay Cell is suggested to be put next to window, or on the table. Because the UE embedded in the UE-Relay Cell enjoy higher antenna gain than smartphone, the signal from macro eNB can be better received, and the smallcell for access also provides better RSRP and SINR to smarphone within the building, so the overall channel quality is improved. The capacity of macro layer can be fully utilized to improve indoor coverage and capacity.

Integrated battery can make UE-Relay Cell temporarily portable and easily tested in multiple locations, and the best location can be selected based on the test results.