Baicells provides Local OMC and OMC on Cloud, both with redundancy back-up, ensuring high-availability and high reliability, offering management functions, such as: basic device configuration, upgrade, monitoring, etc.


●    Alarm
      Monitor legacy network to see whether there is something abnormal, the alarm is triggered in time when it is abnormal, support email notice and APP notice, save time that engineers’ trouble shooting
●    KPI
      Query equipment's history performance data, provide report function, and show daily/weekly/monthly performance history.
●    Plug and play
      For online equipment connected to OMC, automatically recognize and register, upgrade software and configure according to scenarios.

Commercial Case:

In August 2016, OMC on Cloud opens to WISP in North America. Now there are more than 1000 registered WISP on Cloud OMC, where more than 10 thousands commercial & registered devices are steadily running.